Why Compromise Sales? When You Can REVOLUTIONIZE: With a NEW 'Way To-Go!' Slice of Pizza
See our Videos: Drink in One Hand / Pizza Slice in the Other -- Like a Walk in the Park! - FREE (<-click) Plate Options Too

The Only 'Folds-As-You-Eat' Pizza Plate -- Alone, or in a Box:
Brings Top-Competitors' Single-Handheld Ease & Portability to PIZZA

Targets #1 Pizza Purchase Driver: Easy Takeout or Carryout Option
Most-Requested of Pizza Establishments: A Call for Increased Portability
46% Want More Pizza by the Slice; 26% Would Like More Handheld Pizza Products

Unleash Pizza's 'Mobile' Potential

Think ‘Out of the Box’ too and get more pizza into more hands. These are great plates for dine-in, and delivery customers too…but for 'carryout,' our ‘Fold As You Eat’ Pizza Plates (see FREE models too) get you into a whole new ball game ‘single-handedly’ leveling the ‘portability-convenience’ playing field. In the ‘old playing field' sellers of burgers, sandwiches, burritos and tacos (pizza's top competitors) took advantage of the ‘table-anchored effect’ of served pizza. For decades their single-handheld mobile / portability pretty much trumped ‘pizza being tethered to a tabletop box or platter.' No more! Now there's a game changer for 'unleashing'' PIZZA'S mobility: our ‘go-anywhere’ Folds As You Eat’ Pizza Plate.* Now PIZZA customers can stroll as they eat, sit, or go where they like--a drink in one hand and a slice of pizza comfortably held in / eaten from the other. 'Like a Walk in the Park.'

* Producible with eco-friendly materials

Perfectly Portable Pizza Plate

'Takeaway' This: According to a latest full-year Pizza Trend Report, the #1 Pizza Purchase Driver is Now: an "Easy Takeout or Carryout Option" (see link above.) What was Most Requested of Pizza Establishments in 2012? "A Call for Increased Portability" 46% of pizza customers "Want More Pizza by the Slice;" 26% "Want More Handheld Pizza Products." NOW's the time to 'Get Mobile' and get your customers the ‘Way To-Go!™’ Pizza Plate. Each round, floppy plate mismatched to a triangular pizza slice perpetuates pizza as a two-handed / table-anchored food. Meanwhile, burgers, sandwiches, tacos and burritos continue to 'single handedly' take a giant slice out of the pizza slice Carryout Market. The solution? Put the same single-handed portability and convenience into pizza slices that your competition puts into their Best-Selling Takeout foods and watch Your Grab 'n Go Profits Grow!

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'Way To-Go!¨' Pizza-Slice Box Too

Sell Even More By-the-Slice Orders: with single-handheld stackable boxes each 'reveals' a Folds As You Eat plate! Arena, Stadium and Takeaway Customers can easily carry an order of three to four boxed pizza slices in one hand and a box of drinks in the other. Perfect for by-the-slice ordering for families, friends and co-workers. Remove the box lid to instantly serve up a hot pizza slice on a Folds As You Eat -- Keeps FIngers Neat pizza plate. The single handheld boxes/plates are also great for To-Go, Delivery or Drive-Thru of pizzerias, C-Stores, QSRs, Fast Casuals, and concessions. Also, each Box-Lid and Folds As You Eat plate conveniently nests / stacks separately so you SAVE: handing out just plates when they're needed, and boxes only as they're needed! Get huge plate-cost reductions* with paid by print promotions too. To see more: Click More Videos above or "FREE" (below).

* Or can make plates FREE (patented), just like ads on coffee cup sleeves do!

Pizza Accounts for More than 15% of All Food Service Sales (and Keeps Growing)
Over 3 Billion Pizzas are Sold in the United States Every Year
Over 20 Million Slices of Pizza are Eaten in the US Every Day (avg.)
2012 Top Pizza Purchase Driver: "Easy Takeout or Carryout Option" (Technomic Report)
"46% Want More Pizza by the Slice; 26% Would Like More Handheld Pizza Products" (Technomic Report)